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Corporate Events

Musical accompaniment of corporate events and celebrations​

A good corporate party is a dream of any manager. Usually the goal of such event is to create the emotional capital of the firm: to motivate and inspire loyalty in the employees. Our band uses musical accompaniment in order to create the essential elation for your corporate events, corporate parties and celebrations, official award ceremonies, presentations and receptions.

Recording Studio

A professional recording studio for you and your business.

A special service that we provide to our customers through the ability to create an exclusive gift, an opportunity to create and record a song in our recording studio, that can also be performed as a musical present during your celebration to the accompaniment of our band’s live performance.


Musical accompaniment of weddings and marriage ceremonies​.

Wedding – the most important event in couple’s life. We offer exquisite and authentic musical accompaniment of the whole wedding and the script, exclusively selected for such bright and emotional event. A thoroughly planned wedding reception, concert and dancing program will make this special evening as bright, dynamic and unforgettable as you have always dreamed.

DJ Services

The services of a professional DJ for your event.

The main advantage of working with a DJ is the virtually unlimited choice of musical accompaniments for your celebration: starting from a light background music to specific and exclusive musical tasks. Moreover, most hosts generally work with a DJ to make the small contests more fun and the whole event/celebration more enjoyable, especially during the break of the band’s performance.


Musical accompaniment of different celebrations and festivities.

The most important thing in person’s life is family. Such important and valuable events, as the baptism and confirmation of your child, the anniversary of your parents, your birthday, should be celebrated in the loving circle of family and close friends. We understand how to use music to create a special atmosphere for your celebration, that will help all your guests feel comfortable, happy and entertained.

Rent of equipment

The rent of musical and lighting equipment.

Professional technical equipment – the cornerstone of success for any event. High quality sound equipment will provide the comfortable volume level and the clarity of sound for any band, DJ, and the microphones during the speeches by the host and invited speakers. The quality and consistency of sound is provided by a professional sound engineer, who is also a part of our team.

300000 +
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If you didn’t find the answer - please call +(373) 79 43 48 41

The Electro-Acoustic Band Nikorason’g consists of multiple musicians, from 5 to 7 players, depending on the repertoire that the client wishes.

Our team consists of: two vocalists, keyboard player, electric guitar player, bass player, drummer and sound engineer.

Despite the core band, the event can be served by a couple more professionals, responsible for the technical equipment and sound quality management.

The band plays a wide range of music and has a special repertoire depending on the purpose of the event – Lounge, Caffe-concert, dance music and much more (can be adjusted due to the meaning of the event and the wishes of the customer)

To see our repertoire and playlists please use this link.

We own and use the highest quality modern sound equipment, needed for our band’s performance.

Moreover, we can lend our equipment that will help your event to achieve the highest quality sound and lighten up your event.

To find out the details – please give us a call: + (373) 79 43 4841

Yes. The Electro-Acoustic Band Nikorason’g performs outside of Kishinev and the Republic of Moldova.

We work with both individual and legal entities; thus, the payment can be agreed upon in the form of either cash or bank transaction.

The price of each performance varies and depends on the length and the performance format.

To find out the exact price for your particular event and book The Electro-Acoustic Band Nikorason’g, contact us using this phone number +373 794 34 841 or leaving us the message on our official page: The Electro-Acoustic Nikorasong on Facebook.


Following the link below you can see our current playlist.

Our Story & 
Members of the Band

The Electro-Acoustic Band Nikorason’g – professional musical band, serving the needs and demands of the most demanding customers. We have elevated the generally associated term “Cover Band” to a new level!

Our members are professional and renowned musicians with huge experience, who instantly understand, what the audience would love to hear.

Professional performance, bold authentic arrangements, modern high-quality sound and punctuality are the general conditions of any Nikorason’s performance.

Professional instrumental performance of the artists, that play exclusively live, allows the band to perform any type of music on the highest level.

Great experience of live performances together with constant determination to be better in what we are doing results in absolute satisfaction from our customers.

We know how to make your celebration unforgettable!

Ksenya Nikora

Lead Vocalist

The vocalist and the inspiration of the band.

Serghey Bilchenko

Musical director

Composer, manager, keyboardist and guitar player.

Victor Vel’k

Guitar player

Truly bright and charismatic musician.

Gheorghe Postoronka

Bass player

A virtuoso musician and player

Gennady Barbu


Beat & rhythm of the group

The conditions and prices depend on many factors. Please give us a call and find out the exact price.

+ (373) 79 43 48 41

Thank you for 
the loyalty and trust!

Some of our corporate clients

Thanks to Nikorason’g our celebration was magical; their performance filled the place with energy, joy, and positivity, not mentioning amazing mood for celebration. Their performance is mesmerizing and their ability to select the right music for any audience is unbelievable! Every guest was absolutely thrilled and energized. I want to express gratitude and acknowledgement to the band’s personal approach and pleasant attitude. Moreover, we want to thank the guys for an amazing cover on the chosen song for our first wedding dance, that made this moment even more amazing and unforgettable. These musicians have transformed our wedding into a fairytale that defies all the expectations we had. They have obviously become our favorite band and now, if possible, we happily attend their concerts.

Anna Irashku

The Bride

How many years have we known each other? I’m trying to remember what was the first project that we worked together on with Nikorason’g and I’m struggling. It is obviously one of the most experienced bands in Moldova. The evolution and development of this band is clearly visible every year, the way they sound becomes even better, the repertoire gets wider and despite all the fame and experience they still approach every project and performance with youthful enthusiasm and full dedication. As the manager of festivities and celebrations I recommend my customers a handful of cover bands, that in my opinion, would fulfill all the needs of the audience and will be loved by the guests of different age and social status and Nikorason’g is always among them.

Mircea Marko

Wedding Agency

On my wedding day I wasn’t even worried, my husband was finally convinced that it is all worth it and it is all thanks to the atmosphere created by the amazing musicians of Nikorason’g! Not only my husband noticed it; many guests already knew the band, I was often approached and asked for their contact information. Right now, we are looking forward to the wedding of my friend, to dance again to the beautiful music of Nikorason’g. I would like to add: even though, the wedding is a special event in everybody’s life, generally most of the musicians that perform on such events treat it as a routine task, because it’s their job. However, I’ve not felt even once during the whole wedding that Nikorason’g treats it as “just another wedding”, they have shown care and personal approach to our special day. We felt as if the band treated our wedding as the most important event and that’s why we didn’t need to worry. Thank you very much for this extra attention and care!

Liubov Zinzaroy

The Bride

I’ve known and worked with Nikorason’g for years. They have always been delicious, honest, professional, open and infectiously enthusiastic. After listening to them once, you’ll want to meet them again, listen to them more often and dance when you hear their music. The magic of Ksenija’s voice takes control of you immediately. You start drowning in the music, pleasure and joy. They are incredible. It’s also great, when there is a chance to talk to them personally because you understand that they get you and share your way of thinking. Thanks to them and their music, I believe that everything will be fine! Check them out and see for yourself! Love them!

Mihail Tsurkan

MC Mike

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